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Oil Burner Nozzle

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Oil Burner Nozzles are provided ribbed sintered bronze filters on sizes up through 1.35 GPH. Larger sizes are equipped with 120 mesh strainers. Large Capacity (LC) nozzles are supplied as “tips only”. All nozzle components are fabricated entirely of a special high chrome, heat resistant grade of stainless steel. Sintered filters are made of bronze and are nominally rated for filtration
to 40 microns. Mesh screens are of Type 304 stainless steel on brass support pieces. 

Download Catalogue : Oil Burner.pdf

Nozzle strainers are available in all configurations and are supplied standard on flow rates of 1.50. Bodies are in stainless steel material. Sintered bronze filters rated to 40 microns are supplied on all nozzles of 1.35 & below. All strainers and filters are made with a 3/8"-40 UNS male thread to match the nozzle.
For less viscous liquid,  Polypropylene filter for finger tip removal are supplied.
Download Drawing -  RII-15 GA.pdf
The B-25 Nozzles are of two piece construction with large tangential metering slotsin the internal Disc to give a non restricted flow with a uniform "Solid" distribution.
These Nozzles with high flow rates and coarser sprays are used in gas scrubbing, adsorption towers, brine spraying, and chemical and industrial processing.
Material:Brass  sizes up to 3/4" NPT.
Spray Angle : 80 at 40 PSI.
Download Drawing - oil burner nozzle.pdf