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Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles - FINE FOG  for Aeroponics

Organic Mushroom Farming in high Fog density, low temperature controlled environment
Serie 8.pdf
316 SS body with 0.2mm ruby orifice
Our Ruby Insert Nozzles RI-series are widely used  to fog humidity conditions in Mushroom delicate farming process.
Aeroponics to fog the roots of vegetables with nutrients.
High pressure nutrient based water at 50 to 70 bar jet against an impingement pin of equal diameter of RI-50 ruby insert nozzles producing billions of 1 to 15 micron droplets.
his high pressure RI nozzle aeroponic is self sustaining with 90% less water than usual farming, totally organic with no chemical or pesticides.
With adequate LED lighting, Aeroponic enhances fast and high yield vegetable production.
In Orchid nurseries, where the nutrients are discharged as fog to be absorbed by its roots .
Download GA - Series 8.pdf
Download-  3m Tubing System pdf
Download - Aeroponic Pump skid.pdf

Download Price List -  Low pressure Household Mist.pdf
low pressmsitLow cost package at S$50 per assembly
For connection to household tap rated for 5 bar consist of  ;
1 qty : 1/4MC334
      Misting Elbow
 1 qty : Misting Tip
low presfit
9 qty : 1/4MC313
        Misting Tee 
9 qty : Misting tip.
5 metre of Polyethylene tubing
1 qty:Tap adapter
     1/4 x 3/4 FHT
Hydroponics for Vertical farming with low pressure drip / mist
Download Price List -  Low pressure Household Mist.pdf
Multi-Head Mist
Agric Mist

Brass casted Multi-head misting for Agriculture and urban farming. Size : 1/4 inch Female NPT with 2mm orifice

Pressure from 1 to 15 bar (max) for >150 microns discharge

Download Catalogue : AG series-web.pdf

Agri 4 tip Agri 3 tip Agri 2 tip
Agric 4 tips Agric 3 tip Agric 2 tip
Agri Mist 4 Head Agri Mist 3 Head Agri Mist 2 Head
Stainless steel seamless tubing
Download Price : 3m System Price List. pdf
Download - Low pressure Household Mist for.pdf