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Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles - FINE FOG  in Critical Mass

Download Catalogue - Serie 8 B.pdf
Serie 8 constructed of 316 stainless steel in its entirety with an imbedded 0.2 mm ruby orifice is rated for 150 Bar.
Highly efficient radiator and condenser Fog cooling using ruby insert RI series. with extended polypropylene filter to trap particles in the base of the nozzle, high pressure water at 50 to 70 bar jet against an impingement pin of equal diameter resulting in billions of 1 to 15 micron droplets.
Download : Pump skid.pdf
Explosion Proof (Ex d) - Ex Proof Pump skid.pdf
Serie 8 Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles are constructed of  316 SS in its entirety for Demineralised or Distilled water.
Download Cat : Condenser.pdf
RI-50 or 1/8P20 @ 70 bar
Impingement Atomising Nozzle
Fog Production Fog Product
Cool Misting
Air Atomiser for Dry Fog
AirAtomiser5 AirAtomiser4
Adjustable air atomising assemblies combines air and liquid by knob adjustment. By changing the spray tip setup, different spray pattern such as full cone, hollow cone and fan can be attained without changing the body assembly.
Material : 316 stainless steel or brass.
Size :1/4"NPT(F) air & liquid inlets.
Cat : SUE18A Cat
Stainless steel seamless tubing
Download Price : 3m System Price List. pdf
Defective ruby insert can severly damage the turbine blades and peripherals.
When operated at high pressure, a small crack in the ruby insert orifice will critically damage the costly turbine parts. Therefore, all our Ruby Insert Fog Nozzles undergo 100% microscopic vision inspection to ensure flawless quality.
Ruby orifice insert.
RI series  is constructed of 316 stainless steel body with brass insert holding the ruby orifice
Serie 8 is constructed of 316 stainless steel body with 316 SS insert holding the ruby orifice, hence withstand higher pressure
 Misting Pump - High Pressure Discharge 
 Misting Pump discharging high pressure at 40 bar and 100 bar, use with our Fog & Misting Nozzles to produce fine Mist (below 200 microns) or Fog (below 50 microns). Quiet  during operation. Portable and easy to carry around.
Highest volume and pressure possible for a single phase pump, any higher would require a three (3) phase pump and need of a Star Delta Starter invariably a prohibitive price. 


Download Price List - Fittings Price List pdf

See the Droplets difference between a Misting Nozzle and a Ruby Insert Fog Nozzle.

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